Sims 4 Island Challenge

Setting up The Sims 4 Island Challenge:

Purchased Streamlet Single, bulldozed, put my people on it… built a moat to keep them in!  Reminds me of a song…. “You can check out anytime you like, but you can NEVER leave!”

Sims 4 Island Challenge

Dumped off!

Items in Inventory, 3x Knights of the Octagon and 1x Bob  Totally money 2,616.

Sims 4 Island Challenge

Required Items in inventory!


Because sims won’t use the bathroom or bathe without privacy.. Had to build a small bathroom….  Money now down to 1,491.

Sims 4 Island Challenge


A couple beds, a fridge and a sink… money 136.

Sims 4 Island Challenge

Needed things

I have enough money to buy some seeds to get them growing food.

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