Sims 4 Island Challenge

Sims 4 is a lot of fun, but can get boring with out a goal at times.  I love doing challenges, and decided to try out theNerdiestHour’s Sims 4 Island Challenge.

My Back Story:

The watcher’s picked 8 people to be sent out to a remote island, told they were the last people left on earth, and had to not only stay alive, but to repopulate the planet!

The Players:

Sims 4 Island Challenge

Adriana Bean


Adrianna Bean –  She is a Freelance Botanist, who loves the outdoors.  She’s a romantic who is family oriented!


Sims 4 Island Challenge

Giorgio Tsoukalicious


Giorgio Tsoukalicious – One who has met the watchers!   Is a Nerd brain, insane genius, but he’s very creative, not to mention a snappy dresser.


Sims 4 Island Challenge

Flo Progo


Flo Progo –   She fancies herself a Renaissance sim, she is also an outgoing goofball, who is kinda… broish….


Sims 4 Island Challenge

Edgar Delacroix

Edgar Delacroix – Painter Extraordinaire.. He is an art lover, a genius, but kind of materialistic.


Sims 4 Island Challenge

Annie Cups

Annie Cups – Another Freelance Botanist, she loves being outdoors.  She is also cheerful, but her ambition got her to this point!


Sims 4 Island Challenge

Kayne World

Kayne World – Fancies himself a musical genius, he is rather childish, mean, and materialistic.


Sims 4 Island Challenge

Kim Kardigan

Kim Kardigan – She is a snobby party girl, self-assured, and materialistic, with no apparent real skills whatsoever.


Sims 4 Island Challenge

Jason Greece

Jason Greece – A bestselling author who is a creative book worm, who only accepts perfection.

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