Sims 4 Block Party Challenge

I started to rebuild the Sims 4 worlds and then found this challenge, The Sims 4 Block Party Challenge! Since I was already in the process of doing this, I thought I would go ahead and play along!

I am going to put all my builds in this post as they are finished as to not overwhelm with all the updates to this challenge. I have been revamping both Willow Creek and Oasis Springs.

1. There must be two starter homes (costing $20,000 or less) in the town

Sims 4 Download

Sims 4 Download – Rosey Starter

Rosey Start Type: Residential Value 18,597 20 x 15 lot, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 powder room. Created as a ...
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Sims 4 Download

Sims 4 Download – Modern Adobe Starter

Built for a starter home, this lot has plenty of space to add your own personality as you earn money ...
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2. There should be one park, though were you decide to put it is up to your discretion, it does NOT need to be on that large lot in the middle of town.

I built two in Willow Creek, but ended up going with the Hedge Maze Park.

Sims 4 Download

Sims 4 Download – Community Park

Size: 50 x 50 (Built on the original Park in willow Creek). Value: 151,906 Type: Park Features: Family oriented park, with ...
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Sims 4 Download

Sims 4 Download – Hedge Maze Park

Size: 50 x 50 (Built on the original Park in willow Creek). Value: 95,006 Type: Park Features: Observatories, 2 Playgrounds, ...
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3. There should be at least four other community lots in the town, though what types of community lots they are, is completely up to you.

4. At least one house needs to be a large-scale mansion (costing at least $200,000)

5. If you choose to upload the lots to the gallery use the hashtag #Sims4BlockParty so that people interested in the challenge can find the lots quickly. I also might use this as a way to highlight lots that I particularly liked on the site!

Other lots already up in the gallery built for my makeover:  I added the Looney Bin I built for the Asylum Challenge to my world as well, I enjoy being in a world with loonies! 

Asylum Challenge

Asylum Challenge – Loony Bin

Created for the asylum challenge Sims 4 version. Size: 30 x 20, 1 6 bed dormer style bedroom, 1 community ...
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Sims 4 Downloads

Sims 4 Downloads – Artista Bungalow

Created with expansion in mind, this house is currently perfect for the single professional or a border line "power couple" ...
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