Commander TrisThara Ezeleala

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ThrisThara Ezeleala General Information:

Originating Game: ICE’s MERPS,        Class:  Ranger

Race:  Elf (Noldorian)              Sex:  Female

Hair Color:  Dark Brown               Eye Color:  Brown                   Height:  6 ft 10 inches

Birth Date: Summer of 127 FA in Gondolin

Age: Ancient

Currently Resides: At the Red Keep (Created by our own group for our own RP, location is somewhere in Evendim.)

Liege Lord: TrisThara has served under many Kings, including Gil-galad. Like the others in her unit, she awaits the return of the great Numenorean King, and currently has pledged fealty to Aragorn and the Rangers of the North.

Social Rank: Ranger Commander of the King’s Army of the Red Keep. (Note: this is another creation of our group. Before the battle of the Last Alliance, Brevyre was given troops to command by King Gil-galad. After the fall of the Great Noldorian King, she and her troops founded the Red Keep to the North. They currently run missions all over Middle Earth, mostly in silence, protecting the Free Peoples. They await the return of the King.

Valar Attunement: Oromë

Known Languages

  • Sindarian
  • Quenyan
  • Noldor Exilic
  • Common
  • Dwarven
  • Demon
  • Adûnaic
  • Westron
  • Black Speech

Dress: Prefers to be in leather or a combination of leather and chain.

Demeanor: Haughty on first meeting, she is loyal and wise.

Opinions of other races:

  • Dwarves : Have to be watched, as they are usually up to something.  Did the awakening of Durin’s Bane and the fall of Erebor teach us nothing?
  • Man: Try to hard to be honorable, fall to their own lack of self will and greed for power and riches.  Like the Dwarves, they must be watched, as they are quick to commit folly.
  • Hobbits: Need to be protected by those of us who have the ability.  They live their lives as mere children, even when elderly.  I find them pleasant, and enjoy my patrols of the Shire.
  • Elves: My kindred.  Enough said?
  • Maiar: Are to be respected and consulted with for their wisdom; even Gandalf.
  • Valar: The creators of all, more respected than the Maiar.  Eru Ilúvatar the highest and most honored of all.
  • Ents: Friends, protectors of our homelands.


  • Undead
  • Orc kind
  • Melkor and his other followers…. Saruman that means you!  *Nocks an arrow at the ready*

Background: I was born in Gondolin, one year after it was established.  I am the oldest child of Lady Celebreth, a Lore-Master, and Lord Herumacil, a Weapons-Master.  My mother died giving birth to my sister, Brevyre, a half Demon.  My father loved her as his own, even if she failed to see that love.  Being 100 years older than she, I took it upon myself to help raise her, consulting Lady Thangwen Sercetari for guidance.

During the Fall of Gondolin, after seeing our father fall in combat, Brevyre and I both rushed forward to continue our aid in the defense of our city.  As we entered combat, Lord Glorfindel barked the order “See to the King and the children!”  That was the last Brevyre and I would of see our beloved teacher and Chief until the Second Age when he was reembodied and returned to Middle Earth.

After the Fall of Gondolin, we accompanied our King as ordered by Lord Glorfindel to the Mouths of Sirion, where we remained with our King Gil-Galad until the War of Wrath and Beleriand was lost.  We continued with our King to Lindon.

Brevyre was now 100 years old, and having proved her loyalty and worth to him, Gil-Galad entrusted us both with the Red Keep, sending us to patrol and guard that area.  Lady Thangwen Sercetari accompanied us.  Here we remain, awaiting the return of the King.

I am a member of the House of the Golden Flower, under Glorfindel
I have been a Guardian of Elven Kings
I am a mentor for children.
I am a Guardian of the Shire.
I am the Ranger Commander of the Red Keep – Fighter for the Free People of Middle Earth.

Family: One half sister, Brevyre Demonspell. Mother died when her sister was born.  Her father was killed during the Fall of Gondolin. Her mother figure is Lady Thangwen Sercetari. Never married, no children.

Hobbies: Bow making, fletching, wood working, tanning, tailoring, farming and herbology.

Close Friends:

TrisThara Is Used In:

  • ICE’s Rolemaster == Originally created in MERPS, converted to Rolemaster, original bio carried to Rolemaster from MERPS.
  • Turbine’s Lord Of The Rings Online == Class:  Hunter   Professions: Farming, Woodworking, farming.  Only other changes to character is lack herbology (that’s limited to Historian profession), and tailoring, fletching (due to unending supply of arrows).
  • Various stories written by her player. (That would be me)
  • Second Life == Class:  Ranger  Titles:  Bloodletter of Damned Divine, Co-Queen of Tamerlane, Ranger Commander of Tamerlane.  I have been a liberator, freeing the people in the Demon realm that is now Tamerlane, co ruling with my younger sister, Brevyre Demonspell. Eyes in SL are either Blue or Brown.


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