Brevyre Demonspell

Author’s Note: Brevyre Demonspell is one of my all time favorite characters. I had created her in MERPS originally in 1985, then upgraded her to ICE’s Rolemaster . She has been recreated numerous times for ADnD, and has been created and played in Second Life. Currently this is one of the FEW characters I have not rebuilt in Turbine’s Lord Of The Rings Online . Maybe some day I will. But at any rate, I will be using the info that is for current games she is run in. I also use her in stories.

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Brevyre Demonspell – General Information

Originating Game: ICE’s MERPS, Class: Leader

Race: Half Elf (Half Noldorian/Half Demon) Sex: Female

Hair Color: black, often dyed red Eye Color: Black Height: 6 ft 6 inches

Birth Date: Her actual birthdate was never recorded; She was born before the Fall of Gondolin.

Age: Ancient

Currently Resides:  At the Red Keep (Created by our own group for our own RP, location is somewhere in Evendim.)

Liege Lord:  Brevyre has served under many Kings, including Gil-galad.  It was he that removed the bounty from her head.  She awaits the return of the great Numenorean King, and currently has pledged fealty to Aragorn and the Rangers of the North.

Social Rank:  Commander of the King’s Army of the Red Keep. (Note:  this is another creation of our group.  Before the battle of the Last Alliance, Brevyre was given troops to command by King Gil-galad.   After the fall of the Great Noldorian King, she and her troops founded the Red Keep to the North.  They currently run missions all over Middle Earth, mostly in silence, protecting the Free Peoples.  They await the return of the King.

Valar Attunement:   Tulkas

Known Languages

  • Sindarian
  • Quenyan
  • Noldor Exilic
  • Common
  • Dwarven
  • Demon
  • Adûnaic
  • Westron

Dress:  Is very rarely seen out of uniform, unless she has to wear a gown.  Even her gowns have some kind of armor as part of the corset.

Demeanor:  Seems taller then she is, she has a commanding and strong presence.  She is quiet on first meeting.

Opinions of other races:

  • Dwarves :  Fierce fighters and loyal allies. Lacking in strong leadership.
  • Man:  Good leaders, aren’t always strong mentally. There lack of will and mental strength shall be the cause their downfall.
  • Hobbits:  What they lack in stature is made up for in will and bravery.
  • Elves:   Some are worth fighting for, some need to die.
  • Maiar:  Demons disguised as angels.
  • Valar:  Honored for the sake of living. Tulkas is the warrior, he deserves honors.
  • Ents:   Never seen one, they must be a myth.


  • Male Demons
  • Cowards and any cowardice.
  • Mages on her battlefield.

Background: I am Elven-born, brought into this world through torment… an unwanted bastard child of a demon father. It is said that I robbed the life from my mother as she gave me mine; hungrily wanting more then was rigthly due me. My sister, TrisThara, loved me and cared for me despite the evil that I was. After I turned 100, it was time to move on, TrisThara and I departed our homeland along with Lady Thangwen. She told me of what I truly was, teaching me to harness the evil that was getting harder to fight.

I have been hunted, I have been feared, I have had a bounty on my head.
I have been the King’s Personal Guard, after proving my honor and worth.
I am the Commander of the Red Keep – Fighter for the Free People of Middle Earth. For them I continue to fight evil, including in myself.

Family: One half sister, TrisThara. Mother died giving her life, biological father was a demon. Her mother figure is Lady Thangwen Sercetari. Never married, no children.

Hobbies: Weapon and armor smithing.

Close Friends:

Brevyre Is Used In:

    • ICE’s Rolemaster == Originally created in MERPS, converted to Rolemaster, original bio carried to Rolemaster from MERPS.
    • Various stories written by her player. (That would be me)
    • ADnD
    • Second Life == Class:  Assassin  Titles:  Princess of Damned Divine, Co-Queen of Tamerlane, Jouster, and Joust team Capt of Tamerlane.

SL Roleplay Changes:

  • During my travels, I have met a lot of people.
  • I have been the leader of a Filcher’s guild.
  • I have been hunted, I have been feared, I have had a bounty on my head.
  • I have been the King’s Justice, after proving my honor and worth.
  • I have been a liberator, freeing the people in the Demon realm that is now Tamerlane. For them I continue to fight evil, including in myself.
  • Liege Lord:  Has sworn fealty to Queen Guien Starflare and Qwing Saphira McKeenan, pledged her sword to Chief Hephtos Braveheart of Dwarven Clan Stonesplitter


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