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Aerien General Information:

Public Name:  Aerien The Storm Song

Nickname:  Raumi to those who know her well.  I share my full Father name very rarely.

Originating Game: ICE’s Rolemaster         Class:  Rune Keeper

Race:  Elven (Half Noldorian/Half Sinda)              Sex:  Female

Hair Color:  Dark Brown               Eye Color:  Grey                    Height:  6 ft 8 inches

Currently Resides In:  The birth place of her mother, the Woodland Realm. (Also known as Mirkwood or the Forest of Great Fear, among others.)

Liege Lord:  Raumi has sworn fealty to one King, and bends her knee only to King Thranduil

Social Rank:  Noble

Valar Attunement:   Yavanna

Known Languages:

  • Sylvan
  • Sindarian
  • Quenyan
  • Noldor Exilic
  • Common
  • Dwarven

Dress:  Prefers regal things, typically dresses in sea blues, whites and greys.  Black on occassion.

Demeanor:  Comes off haughty to strangers; very friendly to those she trusts.

Opinions of other races:

  • Dwarves :  She does not share her King’s dislike of Dwarves.   She enjoys their company and hospitality, and really enjoys beating them at their drinking game.
  • Man:  She feels sorry for them, looking at all the wrongs they have done in the world… she thinks of them as children who need to be punished by their parents, and raised continually by the village.
  • Hobbits:  Cute little creatures they are.  She fights within herself to mother them as the children they appear to be, or treat them like the adults they are.
  • Elves:  Her own kind… she has mixed feelings about her own race; not understanding why many are so haughty and hypocritical when it comes to Men and Dwarves.  The Elven race, as she will tell you, is not free from guilt or times of troubles of their own.  Why should an imperfect race judge another for making mistakes?
  • Maiar:  Most of them are useful to know, but just because they are sent by the Valar doesn’t mean they should be put on a pedastool.  Respect must be earned to be given, at all times.
  • Valar:  Are to be respected, after all, they are the creators and through deeds have already earned their worth.
  • Ents:   Wondrous creatures.. make sure you have time to kill before engaging one in a conversation.


  • The Undead with a passion
  • Hypocrisy
  • People who think they are entitled just because they exist.



I was born in SA 1699 during a raging storm over the sea of Belfalas, in the Elf-Harbor, also known as Edhellond.   As I entered the world, I did not cry; I sang, according to my father; a tale of the sea… Hence my name, Storm Song.   My mother, a wood-elf with a love for the sea, named me Aearien.   She had met my father, a ship-wright, originally from The Falas, shortly after arriving to Edhellond from Mirkwood.

I remember the coming of the Numenorean colonists, and the arrival of their Kings, Isildur and Anarion…   The erecting of Minas Ithil, the planting of the White Tree, and it’s burning…  I have seen the births and deaths of the Great Kings of Man, I have seen their fall.

I have hope in the one they call Elessar, and for the sake of Man, I fight off my longing to journey back home to the sea, and go to the West.  They should not be left to fend their fates alone.

Family:  She has never been married and has no children of her own.  She has no siblings.  Her parents have both gone to the West.

 Hobbies/Other Jobs:  Farming, Herbal remedies, Cook, Music and Art

Close Friends (Rolemaster):


Aerien Is Used In:

  • ICE’s Rolemaster == Original Bio Above
  • Turbine’s Lord Of The Rings Online == Rune Keeper  Professions:  Farming, Cook, Tailor (only change to the character is the addition of tailor and elimination of art creation.)
  • Various stories written by her player.  (That would be me)




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