Bingo Boffin LOTRO Goat

GO forth… play LOTRO, hang out with Bingo Boffin, see some things in the game you may not have seen yet…. GET YOUR OWN Bingo Boffin LOTRO Goat!

If you have been following along the Bingo Boffin side quest line in LOTRO, you have probably seen the cute little brown goat prize you can get.  He costs 5 Bingo Badges and has the default name of Jerry.  You can easily change his name by typing this:
/cpet rename NEWNAMEHERE

Bingo Boffin LOTRO Goat

Here is Raumi with her little goat she renamed Onslow.

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One thought on “Bingo Boffin LOTRO Goat

  1. He is cute! I haven’t made it to that part in the quest yet. I am looking forward to finding it. The Bingo Boffin quests are fun!

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